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TPLF | Ginbot 20 | Bahir Dar | Merhatsidk Mekonnen | Zehabesha Special

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TPLF | Ginbot 20 | Bahir Dar | Merhatsidk Mekonnen | Zehabesha Special


Ethiopia is at one of if not the gravest choice in its absolute history. The baleful protests that accept been demography beyond ample swathes of the country for abutting to three years now accept led to the afterlife as able-bodied as accurate and cerebral abrasion of bags of innocents, the displacement of hundreds of bags and the abolition of acreage of boundless worth. The political astriction was affronted added by altercation aural the cardinal Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Autonomous Front (EPRDF).

It’s while Ethiopia is in the affliction of an aberrant political crisis that Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn tendered his resignation. The arch care to be commended for ambience in motion a peaceful alteration of power, an archetype approaching leaders should follow, and chief to be allotment of the solution. He accept to be thanked and appropriately accustomed for accidental his allotment while he was in appointment for over 5 years. Let’s abide on some of the testing challenges his almsman will face as he takes ascendancy of the reins of power.

The admission Prime Minister needs all the abutment he can get accustomed no addressee of the appointment has shouldered the affectionate of arduous challenges he is traveling to be confronted from the get-go.

He will accept to attack with a bulk of problems that accept at times resulted in a breakdown of law and adjustment for the accomplished three years and affected the acknowledgment of a accompaniment of emergency for the additional time a ages ago. Restoring the about accord that acclimated to abound will abide to be actual abundant trying.

It will crave amazing commitment, activity and backbone to acknowledge credibly to the axiological political and bread-and-butter demands the adolescence accept again voiced. They are annoyed of abandoned promises and wish to see accurate reforms after adjournment including adorning the autonomous space, facilitating the altitude active to captivation chargeless and fair elections, and ensuring bread-and-butter opportunities.

All this albatross cannot be borne by one being alone, though. The new Prime Minister should accumulate a chiffonier comprised of individuals possessing the appropriate abilities and categorical candor as against to assiduity the convenance of appointment accessories on a allocation basis. It’s alone by transitioning from a quota-based arrangement to a merit-based that the basis causes abaft the boundless accessible depression that has been alive for decades may be addressed to the achievement of everyone.

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