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The Controversial Zerfe Kebede

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The Controversial Zerfe Kebede


Look, we assume to accept added sports journalists than any added accurate field. There are some admirable hosts you couldn’t accept abundant of. But about speaking, like our football, our soccer advertisement and assay leaves abundant to be desired. Abounding are accused of cut and adhesive journalism. During the canicule if internet was down the arctic about sports programs showed on the superior of reporting.

I accept said and would say it again; the botheration with English Premier League managers is they don’t accept to our sports programs! Who do they anticipate they are? Some untouchable aristocratic family! Arsene Wenger has alone himself to blame. He is getting accustomed abundant admonition by our all-knowing sportscasters on the affectionate of action he should use. He has been brash who to assurance up and who to accord the boot. But the man is not listening! The fan who flashed the assurance ‘Wenger Out!’ at the Addis Ababa Stadium a few months aback said it all.

The players aren’t listening, too! If Mesut Ozil wasn’t sitting on his aerial and listened to the admonition of our sports media he could accept denticulate an boilerplate of three goals a game! Ha! Well, abounding sports journalists, indeed, apperceive which ancillary of their aliment is buttered. That is why there is so abundant EPL talk. Isn’t it, all about business!

But I anticipate added absorption should be accustomed to this aggro thing. Safety standards during matches both in Addis and in the regions should be upgraded. Ethnic abuses are befuddled with impunity, and advancing frequency, too. We can’t act it isn’t happening! Not while we’re airless in such alarming blend these days! Calumniating players because of their ethnicity, or calumniating their parents isn’t alone contrary but aswell dangerous. Remember the arch base of Zinedine Zidane son which addled that Italian player? It is not still bright what he said to him. Some letters appropriate it had to do something about his mother. We accept heard of bounded players showering battling aggregation associates with insults, blame which could drive the a lot of blank being to act like some Conan the Barbarian.

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  • ashenafi Added wuyiii iwunet le Zerfe ye braaa...birihan le inantem igzer yabiralachu.......gizhwu ahun newu..tolo nuu..ibakachu..memihr tariku abera..igzer ye ante ayin..yikifet ilalhu