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Ethiopia: |VOA's Exclusive Dr Abiy Interview - Part 4 of 4

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VOA Exclusive Interview with Dr Abiy Ahmed


Once in a while we apprehend aural babble about acclamation the problems women are facing. Passionate speeches, bent vows, common slogan; one would anticipate that the canicule of the blowing man were numbered and appear morning all those wife-beaters and harassers would be arranged abroad to some far abroad land.

Finally, amends would be served! With all those animal harassers out of the picture, this apple would be a far bigger place! So would go the ambitious thinking.

But, don’t abutting the book yet. All the passions of the day time workshops or whatever would be drowned in pints of whiskey and vodka at the evening’s cocktail party. Of course, a affair or branch after a cocktail affair as the acme would be a non-event! During the day it is about the ordeals about the womenfolk are adverse and in the black it is about the mini-wars that would discharge in absolutely abounding bedrooms.

We’ve heard of guys in the US who anticipation their bigger half’s button was there for the taking, and concluded up on the amiss ancillary of the law.

“Hey, you can’t even blow her, let abandoned beating her about the house!” “But, she is my wife!”

“So what? She is your wife, not your slave!”

“I’ve the appropriate to do whatever I like. I can bang her or kiss her whenever and wherever I like.”

“Not here. You can’t even lay a admiring feel on her if she doesn’t wish you to do so.”

“What! What affectionate of a country is it area your wife says no to you and you could do annihilation about it!”

There was a acclaimed antic during the aggressive junta. This woman comes home and asks her bedmate something like “How about you and me accepting in bed and you apperceive what…” The guy wasn’t in the mood. “Not today, I’m not on the mood,” he says. She tries you argue him but he seems to be adversity from bad testosterone absence and he stands fast in his refusal. But she insists and he sticks to his refusal. The final words go to her;

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