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  • “Ethiopian flight landing incident sensationalised, touchdown was excellent”


    The Director General of the Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mine and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Ambassador Ayo Olukanni, has said yesterday’s landing adventure of the Ethiopian Airlines flight 901 from Addis Ababa to Lagos was too sensationalised. Olukanni, who was one of the cartage on the flight which aswell had above President Olusegun Obasanjo on board, had an accomplished touchdown.


    This was afterwards an antecedent bootless attack to acreage afterward the cloudburst at the runway. The pilot of the flight in band with the accepted and recommended convenance reportedly climbed afresh afore initiating a additional landing action which was successful.


    Aviation authorities including the Nigeria Civil Aerodynamics Authority (NCAA), the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and the airline had aswell absolved several online media address suggesting what happened was a abreast mishap.

    The NACCIMA DG who was a commuter on the flight said he was inundated with abounding calls and argument letters if the address went viral about the abreast mishap. According to him, the adventure was not as bad as painted. His annual read: “I acknowledge you all for your calls and letters over the flight from Addis Ababa area I had gone to represent NACCIMA at the AU/UN stakeholders’ Dialogue on the AfCFTA which enters into force tomorrow 30th May 2019 (today).

    “My buzz has been campanology off the hook. All I can say is that the accomplished accident about the flight, the ET 901 was artlessly sensationalized and abstract apparently because above Obasanjo was on that flight and it was not as bad as they are painting it. Aborted landings and additional access are accustomed in aerodynamics in such acclimate altitude with cloudburst rain. “The Captain artlessly followed accepted operating procedures and basic measures in the circumstances; on the final approach, he pulled up calmly and it was a abiding climb.

    Thereafter, he lined up with the aerodrome for a additional approach. And we had what in aerodynamics amphitheater is accepted as “XTD” (Excellent Touch Down). Above President Obasanjo and FAAN accept aswell responded to actual the story. I acknowledge you all”. The agent of NCAA, Sam Adurogboye, said the aircraft did not overshoot aerodrome as some letters indicated. “There was no adventure of over cutting of aerodrome in Lagos. However, Ethiopian Airlines came into Lagos at a time it was aqueous and there was bargain visibility.

    Hence, it had to go aback and hovered for a while. Finally, it came aback and landed safely.” Aswell FAAN through its spokesperson, Mrs. Henrietta Yakubu, said there was no incident, adage the Pilot in Command acted professionally by aborticide landing and on a additional attack landed safely.


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  • Five bloom allowances of dates and a attic date bite recipe

    Five bloom allowances of dates and a attic date bite recipe

    All affirmation credibility to the actuality that to advance health, you accept to abstain bathetic foods. Studies appearance that bistro aesthetic amoroso causes activity depletion, aswell accepted as the alarming “sugar crash” if abandoned calories use our body’s vitamins and minerals to about-face it into fuel. Think of it like a acclaim agenda for your body. Instead of application your assets for architecture health, aesthetic amoroso uses your assets and creates a deficit!

    The acceptable account is that attributes provides us with absurd diet in actual candied packages. One of my favourites is dates as they are an simple carriageable bite that pairs fabulously with nuts. Dates accommodate the nutrients you need, while acceptable your candied tooth.

    Here are 5 affidavit to eat added dates:

    1. Dates are a antecedent of antioxidants. All dates, beginning or dried, accommodate altered types of antioxidants. Beginning dates accommodate anthocyanidins and carotenoids, while broiled dates accommodate polyphenols – just like blooming tea. Experiments in aliment allure appearance that Khalas (aka Madina) dates are accomplished in antioxidants if compared to added date varieties.

    2. Dates can be acceptable for claret amoroso balance. Diabetes advisers accept apparent that dates accept a low glycemic impact. This agency that bistro dates alone, or with a meal, may advice humans with type-2 diabetes administer their claret amoroso and claret fat levels. Six to eight Tamer dates can be eaten in one sitting after affecting accouterment in claret sugar.

    3. Dates can advice abate claret pressure. A accepted confined of 5 or six dates provides about 80 milligrams of magnesium, an capital mineral that helps amplify claret vessels. Research shows that addition with 370 milligrams of magnesium can abate claret pressure. However, demography such a ample dosage all at already generally causes diarrhea. Dates are a adorable way to access your magnesium assimilation added gently.

    4. Dates accommodate a academician booster. Each little date contains over two milligrams of choline, a B vitamin that’s a basic in acetylcholine, the anamnesis neurotransmitter. Higher choline assimilation is associated with bigger anamnesis and learning, authoritative it a key comestible for accouchement and earlier adults at accident for Alzheimer’s.

    5. Dates advice advance cartilage mass. Research shows that cartilage accident in post-menopausal women with osteopenia can be bargain by accretion assimilation of potassium. One broiled date provides about 140 milligrams of this admired nutrient. Scientists accept that top potassium assimilation protects cartilage accumulation by abbreviation the bulk of calcium excreted through the kidneys.

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  • Former Ethiopian President to be laid to blow on Sunday

    Former Ethiopian President to be laid to blow on Sunday




    Former Ethiopian President Dr Negasso Gidada, who died endure Saturday, will be laid to blow on Sunday May 5, 2019, according to the Civic Board set up to baby-sit his burial arrangements.

    In a collective columnist appointment issued by Chairperson of the Committee, State Minister of Finance, Dr Eyob Tekelegn and State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayana, his physique will be aureate to Addis Ababa from Germany on Saturday.

    A adieu commemoration will be captivated at the Millennium Hall on Sunday, alpha from 12a.m. and his physique will be laid to blow at St Peter and St Paul abbey on the aforementioned day at 3pm local, the board indicated.

    In its affair captivated today, the Council of Ministers tabled a angle to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) to acknowledge a civic day of mourning.

    A book of condolences opened today in the bounds of the backward above President and it will abide accessible until tomorrow.


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  • Addis Ablaze Railway Arrangement Transports Over 29 Mln Commuters In 9 Months


    Addis Ablaze Railway Arrangement Transports Over 29 Mln Commuters In 9 Months

    The Addis Ababa ablaze railway arrangement transported over 29 actor commuters over the accomplished nine months, according to the Admiral of Transport.

    About 87.2 actor birr has been calm in acquirement from the account accustomed to them, said the admiral while presenting its achievement address to the assembly today.

    The Ethiopian Toll Road Enterprise aswell offered casework

    to added than 6.38 actor cars and calm over 191.47 actor birr in revenue, it was noted.

    Seasonal and accepted aliment works were aswell agitated out on added than 13, 228 km of roads.

    source :-FBC


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  • Ethiopia Restructures Its Military

    Ethiopia Restructures Its Military



    Ethiopia has restructured its defense force.


    Accordingly, it has downsized the number of regional commands to four from six. The new regional commands are Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern.

    It has also set up a committee tasked to reestablish a naval force and a special operation command.

    Based on these, the government has reshuffled military positions, according to Lieutenant General Mola Hailemariam, chief of special operation at the defense force.


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